AMGRO Zdzisław Gulik has been entered into the Central Register of Economic Activity of the Republic of Poland on 01.12.2012.

Company's statistical number (REGON): 302279770 and Tax Number (NIP): 7881194946.

The main activity of the company is provision of services in the field of repair and inspection of hydraulic shock absorbers (PKD 33.17.Z) and their manufacture (PKD 30.20.Z).

From the beginning of its existence, the company been cooperating with the Institute of Rail Vehicles "TABOR" in Poznań in the field of structural design of the shock absorbers manufactured and repaired.

The company's staff consists of employees with several years of professional experience, specialised in repairing all types of shock absorbers used in rail rolling stock.

The company has state-of-the-art machinery and research stations designed and constructed in accordance with current railway standards.

Shock absorbers are manufactured on the basis of the standard PN-EN 13802:2014-02 and the Construction Specifications, and the services provided in the area of repair of shock absorbers are performed on the basis of Construction Specifications approved by the Institute of Railway Vehicles "TABOR" in Poznań.

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